Reading Youtuber Memoirs: Connor Franta and Carrie Hope Fletcher

Youtubers have made such a phenomenal impact on popular culture, and so it’s hardly surprising that publishing houses seem to be offering them deals left, right and centre. Some people have been very critical of this, others have lapped it up.

I like to think that I’m somewhere in between. Sure, it seems a bit odd to read a memoir by someone my age and expect to gain enormous insight. But it’s fun and a great way to understand how and why these internet sensations have captivated the world.

I picked up two memoirs, All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher and A Work in Progress by Connor Franta.

To be frank, I am not actually avid watchers of either of these two’s channels. Sure, I watch a video from time to time and am happy for their success, but I’m hardly a hardcore fan. Yet, of all the memoirs being released by Youtubers, I knew that these were the two I was going to pick up.

Why? I can’t really say. I just felt like these two would have a nice writing style. I was almost convinced that I might actually enjoy them. I know, I know. I don’t sound very optimistic. To be honest? I wasn’t.

That being said, I was actually so incredibly impressed by these two memoirs.

Sure, A Work In Progress sang a few clichés. Be yourself and all that jazz. Spend as much time using technology as you do in nature (a bit rich coming from a guy who makes his living off social media, I must admit). It’s all the stuff you’ve heard before, just from Connor Franta’s point of view.

More successful, I thought, were his personal stories about growing up. Although told in order to drive those clichéd messages home, I truly think those stories are where this book is most successful. And that’s simply because I think those stories are what readers of this book actually want.

The people who are most likely to buy this book are those fans who want to support him, to feel closer to him. To feel as though they’re gaining this insight about his life that no one else has.

And yeah, I think he does a good job inviting his fans to share in aspects of his life that used to be more private. This is book is definitely a winner for all his fans.

Carrie Hope Fletcher’s All I Know Now is, in my opinion, just as successful. Again, the advice she gives isn’t exactly going to blow your mind. It is, undoubtedly, all stuff that you’ve heard before.

But as with the above, it’s the kind of book that any fan of her’s will adore. The writing is lovely, and you can hear her voice in every word. Like any memoir, she has a number of anecdotes that are a pleasure to read.


In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by both these books. Although it doesn’t feel as though either as had enough life experience to really be writing memoirs, both are very open about their young age and about all the lessons and experiences they know are still waiting for them.

I don’t know if I’ll be picking up any more Youtuber memoirs. Although, I’m sure that if any who I actively follow happen to release one, it won’t be long before it ends up on my shelf…


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