Review: ‘Soppy’ by Philippa Rice

As a wee Christmas present to myself, I purchased a copy of Soppy by Philippa Rice. By some stroke of luck, the hardback was on sale and ended up being cheaper than the paperback. What a treat!


Soppy is a collection of webcomics about the soppier moments of the author’s relationship. The art is super sweet and all of the moments are to die for. I loved the art’s simplistic style and thought the red blush spots were super cute.

My only real gripe with it is totally my fault. It’s a collection of webcomics, yet I’d wanted to see a little bit of structure and story. It’s called Soppy, but after a few pages I found it all a bit too sweet. I wanted a little bit of grit. But those two things are, like I said, on me. I wanted something that I always knew I wasn’t going to get, and that’s not the book’s fault.

This is the perfect wee pick-me-up. If you look at the cover and go How cute!, you’re probably going to like everything within.  If you’re just looking for a smile, these pages are guaranteed to get you there. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s adorable. What else could you possibly ask for?

So what if I didn’t gush over it like I’d hoped I would? Even without the complexity I’d been hoping for, I can still happily take it for what it is: a sweet collection of comics about a couple in love. And y’know, with Valentine’s Day coming up… well, this could be just the gift you were looking for.


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