GALentine’s Day, Anyone?

To be honest? In tomorrow’s post, you’re going to hear all about how much I love the somewhat nauseating holiday that is Valentine’s. I assure you that I will be not joking. I’m all about that romance.

But I also thought it might be nice to showcase a view of my favourite female friendships in fiction. More specifically, I’m going to talk about my favourite female friendships in comic books. And when better to do that than Parks and Rec’s very own Galentine’s Day?

I’m going to start with my absolute favourite. I’m sure you’ve already heard about this one from all your comic enthusiast friends. If not, you might have spotted me talking about it here. But you know what? I’m going to bite the bullet and chat about it again. It’s just that good.

Giant Days by John Allison is phenomenal. It follows three gal pals at university. Drama follows Esther de Groot everywhere, and her good looks mean that the boys fall at her feet. Daisy Wooton is cheerful, but a little sheltered. Last (but not least!) is the extraordinarily pragmatic Susan Ptolemy.

This is the ultimate comic for those of you want to read about the friendship of three girls who are just trying to figure it out. These girls are all unique, well-developed and relatable characters. And together? Their friendship is sweet, complicated and genuine.

They stick together. They push each other to be better. They’re different, and that’s what makes their friendship stronger. Add all that to the general insanity of university life, and you’ve got a pretty neat read ahead of you.


Next on my list? It has to be Lumberjanes by Nimona Stevenson. This is, in a sense, actually a bit similar to Giant Days. It too brings together a host of distinct and diverse female characters and creates a wonderfully realistic sense of friendship.

Lumberjanes follows a group of younger gals at a Girl Guides-esque camp. It’s a fun and slightly insane comic that focuses on how these girls are able to come together to overcome even the craziest of obstacles.

And with a emphasis on earning badges, there’s also the opportunity for the girls to push each other out of their comfort zones. To succeed! And guess what? They all celebrate each others’ success, too.

Lumberjanes is fun. It’s sweet. It’s unexpected. And while it felt like a let-down after reading Stevenson’s Nimona, it was still a darn good read and I’m so excited to see where the series goes.


My final pick is a good ol’ superhero comic from DC. DC Comics: Bombshells is a newer series that brings together some of DC’s most popular superheroines.

Although some of the most popular heroes are those who aren’t afraid to go at it alone, I’ve always found myself more drawn to the teams. Like, come on. Who doesn’t love a Teen Titans moment?

You’ve got gals like Mera, Wonder Woman and Batwoman all coming together to get in on some World War II action. Seriously, how could that not intrigue you?

While this isn’t exactly a female-friendship pick (a lot of these characters don’t actually meet in the first volume…), it’s still a great example of a comic that bringing together a group of woman who are better together (…but also really excellent as individuals).

This is action-packed and totally character-driven. Each girl gets her time in the spotlight, each with her own story to tell. It’s a great and exciting team, and the second volume is already sitting on my shelf screaming at me to read it.


And there you have it! Regardless of how you’re going to spend Valentine’s itself, I hope you remember to take a long hard look at all your closest gal pals… before giving them a massive hug and maybe shouting them to a coffee (or shot) or five.

If they’re anything like mine, they’ve all been there for you through, even when you’ve deserved them the least. And for that? They deserve the world.


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