Wrapping up February

Is this super late? Yes. So, I headed off to university at the start March, and a lot of my reading choices for February reflected that. It was all about the books that I desperately wanted to read as soon as possible, but weren’t quite going to make their way into my suitcase. Anyway, since I was moving into my new flat, I struggled a wee bit to get this up… but here it is!

And so, moving on to my favourites of the month…


In non-fiction, I really adored The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee. This book talks about the artistic rivalries of Matisse and Picasso, Manet and Degas, Bacon and Freud, and de Kooning and Pollock. As a lover on modern art, I fell head over heels with this book. I loved how personal it was! I thought it was funny, interesting and a great perspective to some of the artworks these incredible artists have created. Although I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t have a vague recollection of these artists would enjoy this book, I know that I certainly did and would heartily recommend it to anyone who even thinks that they’re going to like it.

I also really want to talk about Notes from a Dead House by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I don’t have the best relationship with Dostoevsky. I’ve picked up a couple of his smaller novels in the past (I tell myself I’m prepping for his bigger ones…), and not been overly impressed. But there was just something about Notes from a Dead House. It was like nothing I’d ever read before, and I was completely captivated by it.


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