A Year of Reading Big: First Quarter

One of my personal goals for this year is to read some of the bigger books on my shelf. I never really thought about page count or anything like that (although that obviously comes into it…), it was more about the books I’d deliberately put off due to their size.

Here are the big books that I read during this year’s first quarter!


I’m going to start with a couple of George Eliot novels that I read. My introduction to Eliot was with Middlemarch. Sitting at a hearty 923 pages, I was a bit intimidated to pick this book up. But I am so incredibly happy that I did. Seriously folks, there’s a reason why everyone raves about this. It’s character driven, complicated, dramatic, romantic… all that good stuff! It was wonderful and real and I recommend this book to everyone. Seriously. Everyone. That includes you!

Having fallen madly in love with that, I immediately went out and bought her first novel, Adam Bede. At 624 pages, it certainly wasn’t the longest novel I read for this challenge, but I still think it’s a fair size. A little slower than Middlemarch, I was initially disappointed with this book. But as I kept reading, I became more and more invested in the story. Although Middlemarch still inches out as the favourite, I did really enjoy Adam Bede.

As part of my Reading Chinese Classics series, I also picked up a few Chinese Classics in the past few months. I started with The Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin. Over 2000 pages of it. Yeah, that’s right. I wrote a review on it, even. But the general gist is that even though it started out a little slowly for me, by the end of it all, I really did like it a lot.

Then I picked up Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Lo Kuan-Chung. Both volumes checked in at a whooping 1370 pages combined. And yeah! I wrote a review on that too. I didn’t love this quite as much, but I’m glad that I read it either way.

Overall, I didn’t really read as many ‘bigger’ books as I’d hoped to, but I am really proud of myself for finishing both The Dream of the Red Chamber and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


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